Monday, April 28, 2014

Stained Lip : A Makeup Look

Same look but with an red-orange lipstick

New media outlet : Youtube! I always wanted to try my hand at filming, video editing and mixing. I chose to demonstrate a very easy, fresh and modern look : strong brows and stained lip. Nothing on the eyes, not even mascara (I know). Honestly, I have been wandering around the city for the past few days and no one has noticed my bare - read invisible - lashes. Maybe it is all in my head after all. 

This clean yet slight editorial direction on the red lip will translate into your outfit. It will create a contemporary and modern feel while being casual : its the juxtaposition of the definition of the brows versus the messy smeared lips. Anything goes with this look : grunge, preppy, girly, even fobby! (jokes)

Song of the week :

I realized I get quite obsessed by THINGS : a song, a color, a garment, an activity, a person. I didn't say "crazy-stalker-24/7" kind of obsessed, just the "I will listen to a song on repeat for days until I get mental nausea from it" kind. Like back in High school, my obsession has been remixes these past weeks and of course Harvey Specter Suits.    

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