Sunday, October 20, 2013

Those autumn days

Finally arrived in Wroclaw a week and a half ago! The unknown surroundings have really made a mark on me. Surprisingly, it had taken me about a week to get settled in my new room and dorm. The distant memories of my hometown, friends and family had really left me feeling nostalgic and homesick. But the lightness of being completely free has really uplifted my spirits. Not to mention the amazing people that I have had the delight of meeting!

It was one of those perfect autumn days : warm and bright sun, fresh temperature, millions of tree leaves on the grass and beautiful autumnal colors. One of our first ventures outside of our forms with all the other EPs (Exchange Participants) of the same project! The City Center, also known as Market Square, is a beautiful place to go out during the night. With all the variety of cheap pubs that run along the sides of the Square, there is something for everyone! 

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